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Multi-Ch. Bohem Time Flies - An American in Belgium

Anlässlich meines Besuches auf der CACIB Ausstellung in Rostock im Oktober 2017  hatte ich das Vergnügen, Rita Vanhaeren, Züchterin der bekannten SONG SUNG BLUE WHIPPETS aus Belgien persönlich kennenzulernen und zwei Whippets aus ihrer Zucht fotografieren zu können. Und so blieb es nicht aus, dass ich bei meinen Recherchen auf einen weiteren Ausnahmerüden stieß, den ich in der Serie "Proven Sires" vorstellen möchte.

Multi-Ch. BOHEM TIME FLIES aka "Timmy", der die europäische Whippetzucht im ersten Jahrzehnt dieses Jahrhunderts maßgeblich mit prägte, stellvertretend für den amerikanischen Typ des Whippet steht und dessen außergewöhnliche Showkarriere Rita wie folgt beschreibt:

Bohem Time Flies with his owner Rita Vanhaeren/B at Skokloster Show in Sweden

"Born in California in September 2000 and imported as a young male to Belgium, Multi-Ch. BOHEM TIME FLIES aka "Timmy" started his showcareer on the continent in 2001.

Rita and her mentor Bo Bengtson - Amsterdam 2001

 His multi winnings made him to the most champion titled winning dog of Bohem. A lot of breed specialists, whippet judges and all-rounders recognized the qualities of Timmy and awarded him with the most desirable winnings in the ring. His most important title is of course, FCI International Champion. Beside that he also is Champion of Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Poland. He was also awarded Copenhagen Winner 2003, Saarlandwinner 2004 and gained the most wanted German top title of Bundessieger in 2004. There is no doubt that 2004 was a top year in Timmy's show career. His many wins all over Germany was a record and made him No. 1 Top Whippet WCD Germany 2004. Timmy had won almost everything one could dream about. But in Poznan, Timmy completed his show career in style by winning the most desirable title of: WORLD CHAMPION 2006. This was a thrilling win, the icing on the cake !

 At the age of 6, Multi Ch. Bohem Time Flies' offspring is already doing well in the ring. Top breeders have brought their bitches to him and recognize the qualities of this famous studdog. Youngsters are in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Hungary, England, Sweden, Finland and Russia. 2013 was so exiting, when his daughter Multi Ch. SAGRAMOUR FOXY FLYER became World Winner 2013 in Budapest. His most famous and worldwide known son is without doubt Multi-Ch. SONG SUNG BLUE GOLDDUST "Dandy", living in Russia. We were thrilled when Dandy stepped in his sire footsteps, when he became WORLD WINNER 2014 in Helsinki.

Timmy was my heartdog, my once in a lifetime whippet ... He passed away on February 16th, 2015. He will always be a part of me ... I am grateful for the legacy, I see him in his children and grandchildren ..."

Bohem Time Flies "Timmy"

Auch über "Timmy" versuchte ich etwas mehr zu erfahren und danke Rita sehr herzlich, dass sie meine Fragen beantwortete:

1. What made you decide upon Timmy as pick of the litter ...

"When I got my first Whippet Versace di Petjami, on the breeders request I went to a show, and we won. So when the time came that I decided to have another showwhippet, I took his pedigree and looked up all the name. My eye felt on the beautiful grandsire Multi-Ch. Bohem Flight Time. So one evening I sent a fax to Mr. Bo Bengtson, as I had found his phone/fax number in a magazine. Great was my surprise I got an answer back, and an email address as well. I told him that I was looking for a male, showprospect, and that I had a grandson of Vinnie. In his next message he wrote that there were no litters at that time, but one was planned by A.I. from Multi-Ch. Bohem Flight Time. A few months later I got a message demanding if I still was interested in a puppy. Of course I was. I was over the moon.
A couple of months later, 11 September 2000 Annie (Ch. Bohem All About Eve) gave birth to 4 boys. It was Bo who made the decision which one was going to come to our home in Belgium. I got the first puppy photo, and silently I hoped for one special boy. As it was meant to be, that was the one Bo had choosen for me. When he was 7 months, Bo and I agreed that I would travel to the American Whippetclub National in Dallas.  It was there that I met 2 other owners of Timmy's brothers. A start of a friendship we shared all those years, even as our boy has passed away. I will always be thankful to Bo Bengtson for trusting me Timmy as I was a novice."

 2. What do you think were the most outstanding qualities he passed on to his offspring ...

"Timmy has bred some wonderful litters. His offspring are sound. They have strong bodies and deep and well filled chests, a perfect top and underline. Well muscled back and hindlegs (especially second ty). Powerful, sound movement with good reach and drive. Of course the perfect Whippet doesn't exist, there could be things that could be changed, but none of them are major. The only thing I can say is, those who did the effort and show with their dogs in the ring got results. Especially if you know that the American lines take more time ... at 5 - 6 they are on their best."

3. Which loveable personal characteristics would you emphasise ...

"Timmy was a dog with a lot of charisma, a real stallion, and also the type I like it. In a great ring, he would show his great movement, expecially when it was outside. And then, we may certainly not forget his personality. The sweetest dog ever, a real gentleman to the bitches who visited him and to all other Whippets comming his way. His sweet and loving temperament is something he has given to all his puppies, without exception. He really has it all. He was my companion from day 1. He lived for me and vice versa. He was my once in a lifetime dog. A show dog, only in the ring, but the perfect companion and always by my side, once in the car heading home."

4. And last but not least, did you experience any funny or strange adventures with him, either in the show ring or at home ...

"There are a few funny things about him. He was the leader at home, ruling with a velvet glove. He never went into a dominant position, but all knew and respected him as the leader of the band. In the ring, we had a code word: * milky milky * He knew that that was the start for the run around the ring. He adored drinking milk, all his life. When I became severely ill end 2003, he was my therapydog. Due to the chemo treatment I wasn's allowed to work. But I had the permission to travel by car (only my own). So my partner Gilbert forced me to go to shows with Timmy, to see other people and forget the trouble caused by my healthproblems. I didn't need to cry, Timmy just knew and felt what I was feeling, he was happy when I was feeling well, and sitting near to me, his leg on my body, when I got treatment. The day he passed away, a part of me died as well.
My once in a lifetime dog, my proud and joy, my heart and soul ... "


Züchterisch kam Timmy in Belgien, Deutschland, Finnland, Frankreich, Spanien und der Schweiz zum Einsatz und wurde laut TWA in den Jahren 2003 bis 2011 als Vater von 16 Würfen eingetragen. Die Liste mancher Nachkommen liest sich wie das "Who is Who" der Whippetwelt. Für alle, die mehr Bilder sehen und über die Erfolge von Timmy's Nachkommen erfahren möchten, empfehle ich, in der Homepage von SONG SUNG BLUE Whippets zu stöbern und zu staunen.

Ich möchte diesen Bericht aber nicht schließen, ohne einen Enkel von "Timmy" und Sohn von "Song Sung Blue Ingivenchy" zu präsentieren,

beautiful headstudy of SONG SUNG BLUE INGIVENCHY

der 2014 bei den PILLOW TALK WHIPPETS von Bianca Weisl/Austria zur Welt kam und in jüngster Zeit von sich reden macht.  Der hübsche  PILLOW TALK FOXTROTT IN HEAVEN kann trotz seiner Jugend bereits auf eine beachtliche Ausstellungskarriere und eine stattliche Anzahl an Titeln zurückblicken, wie auf seiner Seite im TWA nachzulesen ist. Ich bin sicher, von Fox werden wir auch in Zukunft noch hören ...

Pillow Talk Foxtrott in Heaven - what a lovely expression

Pillow Talk Foxtrott in Heaven - a natural born poser

Finally I would like to say a big thank you Rita for your willingness, to support me in writing this portrait about Timmy and some of his offspring. I am so happy having got to know you personally and hope we will meet again some time.


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